200×300 FAQ

A storyboard is the plan for the entire production. A storyboard for the future animated or video banner servs as a visual representation of still pictures of what your banner will end up being. This is the best stage to review the design and double-check the banner’s copy.
Most Common AdWords Display Ad Sizes: Master banner 336 x 280 Proportional resize 300 x 250 Proportional resize 250 x 250 Proportional resize 200 x 200 Non-proportional resize 300 x 600 Proportional resize 160 x 600 Proportional resize 120 x 600 Non-proportional resize 970 x 90 Proportional resize 728 x 90 Proportional resize 468 x 60 The only ad size that’s not available on desktop/tablet but is available on high-end mobile devices is 320 x 50.
As you see in the picture, banners are horizontal, vertical and square. At first, we create the largest sizes of horizontal, vertical and square. Then, after the client’s approval, we can start with resizes. Such an approach allows us to simplify the creative process and to have fewer edits.
We can create ads for any banner’s network. The most popular networks are Adform, Adcrowd, Adroll, Adwords, AppNexus, DCM, DCS, FDMG, iAb, Sizmek, TradeDesk, Weborama, OneAdServer, Platform161, RealestateComAu, Adriver, Smart adserver. If you need something not listed - just share the network specs link with us.
Yes, we agree to work with a NDA. That’s why you can’t see many cool projects in our portfolio, but maybe you saw them in ad networks already. We respect the customer’s right to decide not to publish the results of our cooperation.
Sure! You’ll get all the working files after payment. Also, we keep all sources safe on our side for several years, so you can always reach us for any changes or updates.
We always follow network specs but sometimes some ads may be rejected because of automatic validation. Don’t worry about this, usually, it’s enough to request the manual validation. We are always here to fix any possible bugs or adapt banners for other network specs.